That’s The Thing About Shoes.

Have you ever had on the perfect outfit? I mean A nice shirt that matched your pants, fresh hair-cut or hair due. Everything was perfect until you got down to your shoes :/   We have all seen or been that person with the perfect outfit with the wrong shoes.

Your shoes are the first thing people see looking up and the last thing they see looking down. Shoes set the tone for your attire. You have to be very careful of the style and color of the shoe that you are wanting to wear. The same way  over accessorizing can make an outfit look mess and confusing so can not having on the right shoes.  When determining which shoe to complete your next ensemble, start by examining the color and style of your outfit. Also consider the atmosphere  you will be wearing your new look in, since some shoes can dress an outfit up while others can tone it down these are factors to keep in mind.



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