What’s That Called Again?

Along with getting fit for the beach, one must also have the perfect bathing suit for that “perfect beach body.” As summer time draws near, women everywhere are in search of that perfect “bathing suit.” You know the one the hugs you in the right areas while shielding from the world, the areas you’re not so proud of. Well, for those of us (women of course) who are willing to bare it all or, maybe show a little, let me draw your attention to one of this years best-selling beach apparel “Fringe Bathing Suits.” When talking swim wear with a few of my clients, they like to refer to them as “you know the ones with the frills hanging from it..lol.” Fringe Bathing suits have become very popular this year. You can get them in a one or two piece, various colors and styles. I highly recommend these for your trip to the beach. You will definitely turn heads.


"Fringe Wear"
“Fringe Wear”



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