Introducing Posh Princess Co.

I love small businesses. I especially love small business that are reliable and reasonable with quality products. This is exactly the service I experienced when I purchased stylish new shades from PoshPrincessCO.

PoshPrincessCO has very unique accessories and clothing. You will not find these items in any mall or department stores. I made my first purchase from PoshPrincessCo back in April. There were these amazing shades that I had to have . I paid $8.00 for the shades + $5.95 for shipping so, $13.95. I ordered my shades on April 22nd and they were here on the 24th (all the way from California). Now tell me that’s not GREAT SERVICE!!!

The owner of this boutique (De’Sha D Derrickson) is amazing. I speak with her often about her products. She is a very sweet individual. She cares about your happiness when looking and purchasing products. As a stylist I’m always looking for unique boutiques for my clients and this by far is a great example.

You Can Check Out PoshPrincessCO By:

Following her on instagram @poshprincessco

Checking out her boutique Website:


Shades from PoshPrincessCo
Shades from PoshPrincessCo



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