Words of Encouragement




The rain has begun to fall. As I sit at my dinning room table and listen to Wale’s “Bad” I am prompted to write a post, not on the song, but encouragement. As you may know by now, I am a stylist. I love fashion. From shoes, jewelry , clothes and the like, I love fashion. I have no idea where this journey will take me or if I’ll decide to pursue something different later in life. Each day is new for me, I have to come up with new material,  new ideas and interesting things people can relate to. Am I on the right path? One could only hope, but what I know is that I won’t give up. With every small step I take I feel that I am that much closer to my goal. There are so many reasons why things may not workout, but I choose to think on the reasons that they will. I believe one of the worst feelings a person could have is regretting something they always wanted to do but never did.

Fear is a normal feeling, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. It’s ok to be afraid sometimes, but when your fear paralyzes you to not try or move forward it becomes a problem. All in All, never Give Up On Your Dreams. How Will You Know What You Can Do If You Never Try. Turn your

“I Can’t” into “I Can.” The only person holding you back from anything is you! ****KEEP DREAMING……KEEP BELIEVEING!!! ……..

.****You Can Do It******


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