Putting It ALL Together

So this past Saturday (June 22, 2013) I had the opportunity of being in attendance of the Trendsetters Fashion Show in Atlanta, Ga hosted by Tequila L. Lee , Owner of Trendsetters Boutique in Atlanta, Ga. I really enjoyed seeing the models and the outfits and accessories they modeled.

I had been preparing for this fashion show for over a week. No, I wasn’t a model in the show, but I was an attendee who wanted to look rather fashionable at the show. For an entire week I was unsure of what I wanted to wear. I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I always knew I didn’t want to wear what was in my closet (or that’s what I thought..lol). After going over and over possible choices I could wear to the fashion show, I remembered tha I had a brand new one sleeve wrapped Taupe dress that I had never worn. I got it from forever 21 and told myself I would save it. I then remembered I had a pair of satin teal high heels that I’d only worn once from Bakers shoes. Now al I needed, were accessories. I went to Macy’s and scored a satin teal purse on clearance (70% off) for $7.08 (this was a huge blessing). I went to Burlington Coat Factory and brought a teal necklace and earrings set on sale for $5.98 and went to Body Central to Purchase a sparkly teal bracelet for $5.90. As a stylist I can honestly say this is my calling. I enjoyed my time at the fashion show in my outfit I put together for less than $25.00

fashionshow1 fashionshow2 fashionshow3 fashionshow4


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