Creative Designs

Transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural has been a journey. However, I must say after three years of being natural, this is the best decision I’ve  made. I was a little hesitant at first because I was unsure of the styles I would be able to do with natural hair. In my mind, I would be limited to the styles I could wear, BOY WAS I WRONG.

I am a huge fan of #ProtectiveStyles. Protective Styles are basically natural styles that protect the ends of your hair from things such as heat and frequent manipulation of your hair. Seeing how I do not like to do my hair in the these styles are perfect for me.

This weekend, I challenged my hairstyles with another Protective Styles. The last one she did for me was a hit, everyone liked it, so, I decided to try another one (if I’m writing this blog you already know she out did herself, she is a skilled stylist!!!!!).  I normally find my styles on Heaven for Natural Girls AKA “Pinterest”…Pinterest has everything you could ever think of (well not everything but close enough). Well enough Chatting Here are my results.


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