The Art of Color Blocking

You may not know the name for it, but you see it all the time. You may even do it yourself and not realize there is a name for it. What exactly am I referring to you ask? Color Blocking. Color blocking is a technique where brightly colored garments are combined together to form a vibrant fashionable outfit. One normally uses thee different colors ( to be on the safe side), but if boldness is in your blood you can certainly add more.


Color blocking has been around for years (think back to the 80s) but like all fashion trends they fade away only to show up years later. This weekend, as I looked over my fall wardrobe inventory I tried to do some color blocking of my own.



2 thoughts on “The Art of Color Blocking

  1. It is great to know that there is actually a name for the technic of matching colorful garments. Personally, I’m a black and/or white and neutral colors chick, but I like seeing colors on others. You look fabulous!!!

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