Being in Good Company

people-who-make-you-growAbove is a quote I came across a few days ago. As I read through it  I could do nothing but nod my head. Every word that was written was true. “You must associate yourself with people that inspire you.”

It is very easy to get comfortable in the current position that you are in, but when you are surrounded by people who know your potential they will not cease on encouraging you to do more (even if that means surpassing them). This is not to say we should wait until some one encourages us to do something, more so, when we are feeling defeated these people  step in to give you that boost of energy that allows you to continue.

Many individuals have been in relationships for years, without any evidence of growth. Whether these relationship be business or personal. You should see some form of positive change in any relationship you build. Whoever you decide to associate yourself with should be inspiring you as well as you inspiring them.

Stay away from the “Debbie Downers.” You know those people that always have something negative to say or must let you in on why they wouldn’t do what you want to achieve, yea those people. “Debbie Downers” aren’t just strangers, they can even be people you are close to. If you decide to listen to them and give in to there advice, years from now you will find yourself still dreaming with many regrets.

Life is to short not to follow your dreams. Be and inspiration to yourself and others. Make sure you are surrounded by the right people. Become a support system for each other. I end with the last few lines of this quote ” Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.”

Are the People Who Surround You Inspiring You?

Are You Inspiring Them??


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