A Question Of Beauty

Great Article By @suzie81 This is a must read. Really makes you think.


9 thoughts on “A Question Of Beauty

    1. True Story.. I started my blog back in January or February of this year. It was a rough start for me, I had great content, but no readers or likers. I will spare you the details, but I’ll say these simple things worked for me.
      1). Be consistent when blogging (I try to blog 2 to 3 times a week)
      2). Have good content
      3). If I cant think of anything to blog I don’t. I’ve now decided to make off-days reblog days from one of my followers.
      4). Engage on other wordpress blogs. Find bloggers post you are interested in and just like you left a comment on this post, do it to other bloggers, guaranteed to get results.
      5). This goes hand in hand with # 4 but like other blogger pages as well.
      6). Use relevant hash tags.. I always say think this way” If I were looking for this topic what words would I use to search for this subject”
      6)/One of the biggest things I will say is be patient. After about a month or two I was ready to give up, no feed back or likes were coming my way, but I hung in there and I must say I went from 0 followers to 86 in 8 months.
      I’m glad you asked this question..you have now given me my next blog topic!!!!! lol Thank You!!!! I look forward to reading more post from your page.

      1. than you so much for the advice because sometimes I want to give up at this blogging thing because a lot of people don’t really read blogs anymore or if they do, they don’t subscribe to them

      2. I felt the same way, but just keep doing what your doing. I read your fashion blog this morning. Look over your post and try different hashtags to get new readers to like or comment. Great hashtags for your fashion blog could be : fashion, fall, print, outfit, fashion tips, etc.

      3. okay thank you & did you like it i like fashion & i know how to dress but I know there are so many people who are more passionate about fashion than I am so do you think I hit the major points

      4. I just got a chance to read your article. Seems like you covered everything you wanted to. Good advice for under garments when wearing tights. It’s not a good sight when your underwear can been seen through your tights.

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