Bahama Sensation!!!

Well Bloggers I’m back with my first REAL post in months. I must say I’ve missed this place. Last month I had the opportunity to take a cruise with my sister and three of our friends to Free port and Nassau Bahamas. This was an experience on so many I enjoyed this much-needed vacation but after being on water for 5 days, lets say I was more than happy to get back on land. We sailed on Carnival’s Sensation. Everyone we encountered on the boat was extremely friendly and helpful. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS!!! I ATE AND ATE until I could eat no more!!!!!

Preparation for this trip was exciting. I found numerous deals on shirts and shirts (out of season shopping). I racked up three pair of Bermuda shorts from old navy and two shirts for 21.00 and three pair of jean Bermuda shorts from JCPennys for 17.00. Everything else I brought on the trip were clothes I had in my closet with tags on

I wanted to show you a few photos that represent fun, fashion and good times on our 5 day vacation to the Bahamas.























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