Why Aren’t We Talking?


Why aren’t we talking? A question I ask myself often. With the rise of advance technology and apps such as Groupme, Kik, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., we find other ways to communicate. But what happened to good ol Verbal Communication?
Seems like everywhere you look people are either on their iPads, notebooks or smart phones. We hangout with our friends on our phones, we sit in church on our phones and even go out to eat while on our phones. When do we have time to interact with each other?

Have you ever talked to someone so submerged in their phone they only catch half of your conversation? Very frustrating when what you’re saying is important. Communicating verbally with each other is important for human existence. This is how relationships are created and nurtured. Don’t get me wrong texting and the like are convenient, but should be used as a supplement not a substitute for verbally communicating.

Let’s not let technology take over our human existence. Open your mouth and talk, open your arms and hug.. Put the phone down sometimes and spend Meaningful Uninterrupted Quality Time with each other!!!


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