I’m Snow Over It!

Oh yes you read that right. So as you guys know, I’m in Atlanta, Ga. Well if you’ve been watching the news you are probably aware of the snow storms we’ve been having. Don’t get me wrong, I never complain about a day off from work ( especially my current job.. Lol) but the affects the snow and ice has on a commute around town is a nightmare.

As I’m typing it has started snowing again.. Lol. It’s not like 10 inches of snow but it’s enough to make a southern go ” ok you can stop now .” :). It is very pretty, but I think I’m ready for some Sunshine.. Tanktops, sundresses and sandals. Hopefully it slacks off before Friday (Valentines Day) so for those who have plans ( not me.. Lol) will be able to enjoy themselves:)





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