What’s Motivating You? Comment and Share!!



I consider this to be a fashion blog, but sometimes I like to touch on other issues.

This morning I received a call from my mom. The previous night I spoke with her concerning plans and goals that I set for myself and just wanted her input. I guess something came to her while she slept lastnight that she called me 6:55 am this morning to inspire me with more words of encouragement. I wish everyone had someone to inspire them. Motivating and pushing them to never give up, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen. I often come in contact with numerous people who have given up on a dream or goal that they set for themselves. Though the situations may vary, for someone reason or the other they gave up.

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s what we make it, cache I know but it’s the truth. If there is something that you want to do, you have to go after it, even if it means putting in extra work to get it done. This comes with making sacrifices and sometimes holding off on less important things (like that monthly road trip you tell yourself you have to take).

I know all to well about staying motivated. Three years ago I decided to step out on faith and venture into the fashion industry as a stylist. I started off using my facebook page to post outfits I created. As more people started noticing and liking my outfits, I decided to create a business page. Eventually I started an IG page… I went from 50 followers to 916 within a year. On the days that I feel like giving up, I reflect on the little accomplishments that I’ve made. I have a nice clientele of people who gave me a chance and are extremely happy with the outfits that I select for them. Though I have a long way to go, I never gave up. Because Of my efforts I’m a lot further then where I was when I first started. While I continue to strive for success I make it my mission to encourage others along the way, so that they too can remain focused and motivated to fulfill their dreams..

Are You Still Focused on Your Ambitions? What Motivates You to Keep Going (Please Comment Below) Let’s Lift and Encourage Each Other Today!




6 thoughts on “What’s Motivating You? Comment and Share!!

  1. I’m motivated by the idea of living my life on purpose. I have a knowing that I am here to serve in a way that also speaks to my passion. When my time here in earth comes to an end….my purpose has been served. :0)

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