How A Shirt Should Fit

When you think about fashion what comes to mind? Aside from the obvious things such as shopping, designers and outfits, I like to remind my clients of “proper fitting attire.” Fashion can be and is a lot of things but, one thing it should always be is properly fitted or tailored just for you. The other day I went to an information session and one of the head guys in charge had on a nice navy suit. This guy had to be about 5’6 and around 180 pounds (He was very tiny),but the suit he wore literally look as if it was eating him (it was just TOO BIG)!!  You need to be conscious on how what you wear fits your body. You can have on all the name brands that your heart desires, but an incorrect fit can turn your beautiful labels into a terrible disaster.

Today I have provided a Style guide for men on how a dress shirt is supposed to fit. The diagrams provided helpful illustrated examples on how a dress shirt should properly fit. This is self-explanatory and will help you in future planning when it come to finding a dress shirt. If you have added Questions please contact me Here. I’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have 🙂



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