Brazen Berry

So over the last year I’ve developed a love for wearing lipstick. My first brand of lipstick was nyx (which is fastly becoming a popular brand). I have colors such as: red, burgundy, gold, light pink, dark pink and matte red. Wanting to venture out and try other colors I started looking around on the web for colors such as purple, blue and even orange (nothing to bright, something subtle to compliment my complexion.

As I did a few searches online I came across this beautiful shade of lipstick called “Brazen Berry” by Maybelline. After reading several reviews I decided to go to the store and pic it up. Wouldn’t you know I brought the very last lipstick in this color….LOL (Just in time). This color seems to be popular because it’s labeled as “limited availability” online. So I went home to try on my new lip color and I feel in love!!! Check it out below:

image image



4 thoughts on “Brazen Berry

  1. You look great!! Can you tell us about this lipstick?
    Does it last long? Does it keep your lips moisturized? Does it fade into a different color?

    Sorry for bombarding you lol, I’m just looking for a good summer lipstick πŸ™‚

    1. No problem those are great questions. Some of my Facebook followers asked the exact same questions on yesterday πŸ™‚

      As for moisturizing: I normally put chap-stick on before I apply any type of lipstick, so I never really worry about the lipstick drying my lips out. As for the duration of color, it last a long time, it did not fade to a different color. I ate some chips and had a drink and the lipstick was good as new. Maybelline has great products so I would definitely recommend this lipstick.

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