Evening of Enchantment

Three weeks ago, I along with two of my fashion friends/entrepreneurs got a chance to attend the Evening of Enchantment Fashion Gala, sponsored by photographer James C. Lewis, owner of Noire3000 here in Atlanta, Ga. This was a formal event (ball gowns, tuxedos) that featured top designers from Africa, United Kingdom, California, Chicago and Atlanta, Ga.

The gala was an amazing experience. From the time we walked in we were in awe. Women in beautiful ball gowns and men in nicely tailored tuxedos and suites, it was a sight to see. Once the show got underway and the models hit the stage, it was a fashion wonderland. I’ve always been amazed of the artistry that goes into creating clothing lines. The outfits were definitely one of a kind. As the designers showcased themselves once the models left the stage, I was amazed to see the variety in age. The mind is an amazing tool and when it is used, amazing things are created.

Aside, from being in attendance, my friends and I were able to take a few pictures of our outfits. The invitation stated “Dress to Impress” and that we did. I prepared for a month wanting everything to be perfect and for the very first time, it happened. Of course there was some rushing around, but all in all everything worked out.

If you are interested in fashion. I would suggest going to events similar to this one. You can network and meet people interested or knowledgeable in the fashion industry. Always have your business cards on hand and be presentable in your dress.

Below are a few pictures from the fashion show….Enjoy!











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