My Short Comings As a Personal Stylist

Hopefully, you decided to stick around after reading the title of the blog (lol). Don’t worry this in no way, shape of form take away from my abilities to style my clients, but it’s something that I’ve noticed and felt would be a great post.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what is this “short-coming” she’s referring to… closet. I haven’t been satisfied with the selections in my closet and I haven’t been able to figure it out until recently. I have a special board on pinterest of outfits that I like. Believe me they are awesome, but unfortunately the pieces in my closet and the outfits on my pinterest page or never in sync.

I decided one day to sit down and figure out what could be the cause of this and why am I always saying I have nothing to wear and I have a closet filled with clothes with tags on Well after about 30 minutes it hit me. I’ve spent so much time trying to buy the basic/standard solid colors I have little to no patterns.  Don’t get me wrong you can d o a lot of damage with solids (color blocking and things like that), but there is just something about patterns and prints that give outfits that extra kick.

I am dedicating this year 2015 to expanding my pattern/print selection. H&M has done wonders for me. I purchased this colorful Aztec printed top and a beautiful polka dot summer dress. I think I’m on to something here.  I’ll keep you guys update?


What are your fashion short-comings?


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