Awwww….. You Shouldn’t Have…….

I don’t know about you, but gift giving has always been a challenge for me. It’s better to give than receive, but it’s even better to give a really nice gift the receiver will enjoy.Nothing makes me happier then knowing that the gift that I’ve chosen for someone is something that they will thoroughly enjoy.

So after many years of struggling with such a daunting task it hit me. If you want to give the perfect gift “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CONVERSATIONS.”  I know this isn’t rocket science but it works. The last few times I had to buy a gift for someone, I recalled previous conversations that we had, interactions we engaged in even old text messages . Paying attention when someone speaks is really beneficial.

Quick Story: One of my co-workers is moving to a new department on campus. So our current department decided to give her a farewell dinner. We were given bags to put gifts in for her. Well, earlier that week I showed her pictures of the clothes I got on sale from H&M (see previous post “H&M Chronicles”). She commented heavily on the shorts in the photo. One top of me knowing she loves pick and is a DIVA, I was able to buy her the shorts she commented on in the photo.

When it was time for her to open my gift, she was almost in tears, not because the pants were all that amazing but  because the items that I brought showed her that I was aware of what she likes and I listened to her, with her not even speaking.

What have been your experiences with gift giving?


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