Getting HIGH off FASHION……….

There is so much to fashion. Everyone does it differently and has there on opinion what style should be. With fashion being such a huge industry, you are bound to love or hate many segments of it.

Aside from being an everyday stylist, there is a huge part of me that loves the idea of HIGH FASHION. From the exotic styles to the prices. I can’t explain it, it just really excites me. From the bold colors and strange patterns to the weird clothing and make it’s an exciting site to behold. I get a rush of energy when I’m dealing with segments of the high-fashion world. Below are a few of my favorite high fashion photography images.

extravagant-diy-magazines-1 fashion-magazine-high-contrast-2 16120-High-Fashion-Hair-Salon 2424962C00000578-2879143-image-m-91_1418911990590


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