All that glitters 

Happy New Years to my fellow bloggers. I’m about 19 days late but hey, better late than never right? Hooefully you all had a New Year to remember and your outfits reflected your fun!!! 

Speaking of outfits I wanted to share a page from my New Years Evening. I had the worst time finding an outfit for my festivities. With numerous stipulations on the look I was going for… I was limited i my selection.. After hours of searching and many dresses later. I found the one. Well, I didn’t know it was the one until then 4 th time I tried it I and danced around lol…. 

The first dresses I tried on we’re ok but not really my style as much as I would have liked to to royal blue or red.. I didn’t want to settle on an outfit I really didn’t want to wear. Black was an option but I always wear black.. I need something that sparkled, was sexy but conservative.. Then I found this  

Excited as I was I had to make sure this was    what I wanted. The length was great, it had sparkles and i had shoes to match. After getting my hair and makeup done my sparkle dressed transformed me into this…..







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