Fashion is more then just a word but an expression. It distinguishes one person from the other, while creating to all a sense of style. To some shopping is a task while to others shopping is just a hobby, but to me shopping is a way of life. Yvette’s Image is a place you can come for fashion advice (styles & tips). You can even make an appointment with me so that we can tackle the world of fashion together.

My job is to aid you in making the right clothing selections that not only fit your style but ,your attitude and personality, because “when you look good you feel even better.” I want you to learn how to make shopping fun and exciting. My love for fashion isn’t just about labels and glamour, but more so enhancing the self-esteem in others, so that how they feel and what they wear are in unison.

I like to brief people on what Yvette’s Image is all about and what we stand for. If you have any questions and are serious about making a statement in your attire, please feel free to contact me. My inbox is always open for you. Let’s make you go from looking good to looking GREAT!!!!!”



CHECKOUT OUR WEBSITE : http://savitrd.wix.com/yvettesimagestyling


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