I would first like to thank you all for all the support you have shown we over the past 3 years with my fashion blog. I can remember wanting to give up the first 3 months, due to inactivity  and low ratings, but I kept going. 398 followers later, you all are the reason I started and continued to post. Thank you For All the support you’ve showed Yvette’s Image.  As the old saying goes ” Every End is A New Beginning”!!!! Though I am sad to lose my first love… I’m excited to announce my new page

Though I will be closing these page at the end of this week.. I would like you all to follow me on my new journey under my companies New Name “Savitra Yvette” I plan on adding you all to my new page and once again!! Thank you.


Looking forward have more frequent interactions with you all on this new Journey



All that glitters 

Happy New Years to my fellow bloggers. I’m about 19 days late but hey, better late than never right? Hooefully you all had a New Year to remember and your outfits reflected your fun!!! 

Speaking of outfits I wanted to share a page from my New Years Evening. I had the worst time finding an outfit for my festivities. With numerous stipulations on the look I was going for… I was limited i my selection.. After hours of searching and many dresses later. I found the one. Well, I didn’t know it was the one until then 4 th time I tried it I and danced around lol…. 

The first dresses I tried on we’re ok but not really my style as much as I would have liked to to royal blue or red.. I didn’t want to settle on an outfit I really didn’t want to wear. Black was an option but I always wear black.. I need something that sparkled, was sexy but conservative.. Then I found this  

Excited as I was I had to make sure this was    what I wanted. The length was great, it had sparkles and i had shoes to match. After getting my hair and makeup done my sparkle dressed transformed me into this…..






GQ Magazine and Glamour Presents

Hello Everyone!!!!!!

I haven’t been able to post on my blog in awhile….but I wanted to share a wonderful experience I gained this weekend. Soo as you may know I’m based in Atlanta, Ga. On this past weekend Lenox Square Mall hosted a Live Look Book Fashion show alongside GQ and Glamour Magazine. Let me tell you, I’m thankful that I had a chance to witness this event in person.

During on of the intermissions I got a chance to speak with one of the bloggers from GQ Magazine by the name of Josh Aaron. I explained to him what I do now and just wanted advice on how to advance my craft within the industry and here’s what he had to say:

1).  Make sure you are surrounded by like-minded people who are within the industry you hope to work in.

2). Make sure the events you attended are in-lined to what it is you are trying to do.

3). Network, Network, Network.

4). Create lasting relationships with people who know your work and will recommend you for different events.

5) Have a portfolio of your work, let them see what you can do.

6). Never Give it. It wont come over night but continue to work hard for what it is you want.

Coming from a man who works for the best male Magazine in life, I listened with great anticipation.

Moving on, let me tell you a little about the fashion show. The show was intended to give a sneak preview in all the latest trends for the upcoming spring and summer months. They did everything from casual to black tie apparel. They even gave great styling tips on how to match patterns and even  layer your outfits. I was able to get a few pictures from the event and a lifetime of knowledge.

In conclusion, if there is something that you want to do…JUST DO IT.  Be willing to put in the amount of time and effort in order to get where you need to be. Keep Going you can do and if it takes you out of your comfort zone you are on your way to GREAT THINGS


Evening of Enchantment

Three weeks ago, I along with two of my fashion friends/entrepreneurs got a chance to attend the Evening of Enchantment Fashion Gala, sponsored by photographer James C. Lewis, owner of Noire3000 here in Atlanta, Ga. This was a formal event (ball gowns, tuxedos) that featured top designers from Africa, United Kingdom, California, Chicago and Atlanta, Ga.

The gala was an amazing experience. From the time we walked in we were in awe. Women in beautiful ball gowns and men in nicely tailored tuxedos and suites, it was a sight to see. Once the show got underway and the models hit the stage, it was a fashion wonderland. I’ve always been amazed of the artistry that goes into creating clothing lines. The outfits were definitely one of a kind. As the designers showcased themselves once the models left the stage, I was amazed to see the variety in age. The mind is an amazing tool and when it is used, amazing things are created.

Aside, from being in attendance, my friends and I were able to take a few pictures of our outfits. The invitation stated “Dress to Impress” and that we did. I prepared for a month wanting everything to be perfect and for the very first time, it happened. Of course there was some rushing around, but all in all everything worked out.

If you are interested in fashion. I would suggest going to events similar to this one. You can network and meet people interested or knowledgeable in the fashion industry. Always have your business cards on hand and be presentable in your dress.

Below are a few pictures from the fashion show….Enjoy!










I’m Snow Over It!

Oh yes you read that right. So as you guys know, I’m in Atlanta, Ga. Well if you’ve been watching the news you are probably aware of the snow storms we’ve been having. Don’t get me wrong, I never complain about a day off from work ( especially my current job.. Lol) but the affects the snow and ice has on a commute around town is a nightmare.

As I’m typing it has started snowing again.. Lol. It’s not like 10 inches of snow but it’s enough to make a southern go ” ok you can stop now .” :). It is very pretty, but I think I’m ready for some Sunshine.. Tanktops, sundresses and sandals. Hopefully it slacks off before Friday (Valentines Day) so for those who have plans ( not me.. Lol) will be able to enjoy themselves:)




I’m Still in AWE……………….

Picture 3


It’s very rare that I get a chance to read leisurely. Between working on my business and other projects, the only things I normally read are online articles and business plans.

Recently, I got a chance to  read a fiction book entitled “Spiraling.” In a glimpse, this book is about four best friends who fight to win their significant others back after they get caught cheating. As they fight to win the hearts of their significant others,they get more than they expected  With only 18 chapters, this book is filled with twist and turns, ups and downs. Unlike other relationship genre books, there is no male bashing, which makes this a great read for men and women. Though it is classified as a fiction story, you are able to relate to at least one of the characters in the book.

I also had the opportunity of attending the “Spiraling” Roundtable book review and discussion hosted by the Author of “Spiraling,” EJay Johnson. She is not only a dynamic author but a dynamic individual. The roundtable was enlightening and educational. We got a chance to ask her questions, give positive feedback or concerns, while she informed us on her reason for writing this book and how it relates to her. Everyone left the roundtable feeling encouraged to fulfill their dreams as she has.


You can order the your copy online from

Check her out at:






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Winning Weekend



This has been an amazing weekend.  Besides the luxury of a much-needed three-day weekend and family coming to visit, there were two huge wins (for me) this weekend.


This weekend was the official college football game day opener and my Alma Mater CLEMSON UNIVERSITY scored a big win against University of Georgia Bull Dogs. ESPN broadcasted the game live from Clemson (in Clemson, South Carolina). Though I wasn’t able to be there physically I supported my school by wearing our colors.


I also attended my very first Atlanta Braves game. This was an amazing experience. Baseball isn’t something I normally watch on television, but loved being at the actual game. The Braves also won that day!!! I was super excited.


Of course this wouldn’t be a fashion post without fashion pics. Here are a few outfits from this weekend




Special Hair Feature

I had the honor of  doing a hair feature for “TrialsnTresses” It went viral yesterday at 12:00pm. The feature spoke of my transition from relaxed to natural. I am very happy with the feature and wanted to share it with you my blog family. The feature is funny yet informational with pictures to see as well. If you are into hair, be sure to check out “TrialsnTresses.”  Special Thanks to for getting all of the material together and writing the feature!!  Great Job and Make sure you Follow Her!!!!

Make sure you Check out My Feature here ”

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