I would first like to thank you all for all the support you have shown we over the past 3 years with my fashion blog. I can remember wanting to give up the first 3 months, due to inactivity  and low ratings, but I kept going. 398 followers later, you all are the reason I started and continued to post. Thank you For All the support you’ve showed Yvette’s Image.  As the old saying goes ” Every End is A New Beginning”!!!! Though I am sad to lose my first love… I’m excited to announce my new page

Though I will be closing these page at the end of this week.. I would like you all to follow me on my new journey under my companies New Name “Savitra Yvette” I plan on adding you all to my new page and once again!! Thank you.


Looking forward have more frequent interactions with you all on this new Journey



The Spotlight Is on!!


If you can remember awhile ago I wrote a post entitled ” Let’s Just Be Honest…Bloggers 2 Blogger“. I must say I was very impressed by the reviews and comments that were received. If you are curious on why the post did so well I high recommend you check it out. It may be something you can relate to.

There was a little twist to this posting. For those who actually took the time to not only read but to comment were asked to do a questioner to be featured in our “Blogger Spotlight” Series hosted by “yours truly” Starting next week. We will feature a total of about 4 or 5 different bloggers who will share their blogger journey with us. Please make sure you check us out next week to meet our “Featured Bloggers