I would first like to thank you all for all the support you have shown we over the past 3 years with my fashion blog. I can remember wanting to give up the first 3 months, due to inactivity  and low ratings, but I kept going. 398 followers later, you all are the reason I started and continued to post. Thank you For All the support you’ve showed Yvette’s Image.  As the old saying goes ” Every End is A New Beginning”!!!! Though I am sad to lose my first love… I’m excited to announce my new page

Though I will be closing these page at the end of this week.. I would like you all to follow me on my new journey under my companies New Name “Savitra Yvette” I plan on adding you all to my new page and once again!! Thank you.


Looking forward have more frequent interactions with you all on this new Journey



You Got That from Amazon……

“You Got That From Amazon?” a phrase that I’m  starting to hear a little more often with my recent online purchases from this site. Believe it or not, I’ve ordered some really trendy items from Amazon. I am continuously amazed with the quality  and price at which I purchase these items.

I’ll admit, I’ve  created a system when ordering items from Amazon, because there are multiple sellers with the same products, so filters are my best friend. Since I’m registered as an “Amazon Prime”member, any merchandise I purchase must be able to ship within 2 business days (items can sometimes take days or weeks to arrive). Next, I only select products that have 3 or more stars (the stars indicate the satisfaction of past buyers) and lastly, I read the reviews (and view pictures if applicable) before making a finial decision. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not. My system has yet to let me down. But enough chit chat, lets take a look at some of the items I’ve purchased so far:


Womens Sexy V Neck Zip Up Casual Harem Jumpsuit Romper Pants $23.80

Blog 1

Sannysis Women Printed Chiffon Shawl Kimono Cardigan Tops Cover up Blouse (S) $6.31

Blog 2


Cfanny Women’s Knotted Front Slit Cocktail Dress,Blue,Small  $18.99


Closet Creations

It’s amazing what outfits you can create in your closet. I was with a client on last Friday evening and we journeyed through her clothes. To her she had clothes with tags on them, to me she had various outfits for any Occassion. Check out one of the outfits I created for her. She couldn’t see it at first, but once she put it on, SHE LOVED IT:


The Spotlight Is on!!


If you can remember awhile ago I wrote a post entitled ” Let’s Just Be Honest…Bloggers 2 Blogger“. I must say I was very impressed by the reviews and comments that were received. If you are curious on why the post did so well I high recommend you check it out. It may be something you can relate to.

There was a little twist to this posting. For those who actually took the time to not only read but to comment were asked to do a questioner to be featured in our “Blogger Spotlight” Series hosted by “yours truly” Starting next week. We will feature a total of about 4 or 5 different bloggers who will share their blogger journey with us. Please make sure you check us out next week to meet our “Featured Bloggers

Awwww….. You Shouldn’t Have…….

I don’t know about you, but gift giving has always been a challenge for me. It’s better to give than receive, but it’s even better to give a really nice gift the receiver will enjoy.Nothing makes me happier then knowing that the gift that I’ve chosen for someone is something that they will thoroughly enjoy.

So after many years of struggling with such a daunting task it hit me. If you want to give the perfect gift “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CONVERSATIONS.”  I know this isn’t rocket science but it works. The last few times I had to buy a gift for someone, I recalled previous conversations that we had, interactions we engaged in even old text messages . Paying attention when someone speaks is really beneficial.

Quick Story: One of my co-workers is moving to a new department on campus. So our current department decided to give her a farewell dinner. We were given bags to put gifts in for her. Well, earlier that week I showed her pictures of the clothes I got on sale from H&M (see previous post “H&M Chronicles”). She commented heavily on the shorts in the photo. One top of me knowing she loves pick and is a DIVA, I was able to buy her the shorts she commented on in the photo.

When it was time for her to open my gift, she was almost in tears, not because the pants were all that amazing but  because the items that I brought showed her that I was aware of what she likes and I listened to her, with her not even speaking.

What have been your experiences with gift giving?

Sharing Is Caring!


Hello Bloggers!!!!

As the old saying goes “Sharing is Caring” and I for one am a big believer of this. So much so, I would like to extend a special invitation for those who are fashion bloggers to be apart of my sharing is caring platform.

Basically if you have a favorite fashion blog that you’ve written or would like to share a picture of an outfit that you love with a brief write up and have it featured on this blog, then shoot me an email at: or simply leave a comment in the comment section below expressing your interest. The purpose of this to promote the blogs of other fashion minded bloggers we may not be following. I really hope you all would take part in this …

Patriotic Weekend

Good Monday Morning Bloggers,

I hope everyone had a safe and exciting weekend. If you are like me, you found your way back to work this morning thinking about all the excitement from this weekend festivities.

Aside from spending time with family, eating lots of food and relaxing on the beach, I was able to snap a quick pic of my Red, White and Blue outfit on Friday. I wanted to wear accessories but opted not to, it was 97 degrees and I just want feeling it. LOL



This Holiday Season….

As we prepare ourselves for the holiday season, lets not forget the gift of giving.  Giving doesn’t necessary involve money, it could even include: volunteering at your local soup kitchen or even spending extra time with someone who needs it.

Though giving is something that should be done throughout the year, it’s really important during the holiday seasons. While some households are surrounded by family, sharing laughs around the fire-place and drinking hot coca after a big meal and hours of opening gifts, other households are just trying to figure out where their next meal will come from. We never know when we, ourselves could end up in a situation where we rely on the help of others.

This year I decided to give the gift of giving by participating in the Salvation Army Angel Tree. I am very excited to bring a smile to a  child’s face this holiday season. I would like to know how you all are giving back this season. Email your pictures and a brief description to me at: and I will feature your stories in a follow-up post.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.46.32 AM

Deadlines to submit will be December 17th.

Bahama Sensation!!!

Well Bloggers I’m back with my first REAL post in months. I must say I’ve missed this place. Last month I had the opportunity to take a cruise with my sister and three of our friends to Free port and Nassau Bahamas. This was an experience on so many I enjoyed this much-needed vacation but after being on water for 5 days, lets say I was more than happy to get back on land. We sailed on Carnival’s Sensation. Everyone we encountered on the boat was extremely friendly and helpful. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS!!! I ATE AND ATE until I could eat no more!!!!!

Preparation for this trip was exciting. I found numerous deals on shirts and shirts (out of season shopping). I racked up three pair of Bermuda shorts from old navy and two shirts for 21.00 and three pair of jean Bermuda shorts from JCPennys for 17.00. Everything else I brought on the trip were clothes I had in my closet with tags on

I wanted to show you a few photos that represent fun, fashion and good times on our 5 day vacation to the Bahamas.






















I’m Just One of Those Peole

Have you ever been out or at home and someone decides to whip their phone out to take a quick picture of their food before they eat it ?…..Well I’m one of those people…lol. As much as I love to workout, I enjoy the flavors of different dishes (I’m very particular about what I eat).

It all started for me when I became the owner of a smart phone. I was amazed of the high res photos my iPhone5 takes. My food pictures are posted mostly on Instagram, in my mind people care about what I’m eating (
Not really) but I get lots of likes on my food post… Lol