I would first like to thank you all for all the support you have shown we over the past 3 years with my fashion blog. I can remember wanting to give up the first 3 months, due to inactivity  and low ratings, but I kept going. 398 followers later, you all are the reason I started and continued to post. Thank you For All the support you’ve showed Yvette’s Image.  As the old saying goes ” Every End is A New Beginning”!!!! Though I am sad to lose my first love… I’m excited to announce my new page

Though I will be closing these page at the end of this week.. I would like you all to follow me on my new journey under my companies New Name “Savitra Yvette” I plan on adding you all to my new page and once again!! Thank you.


Looking forward have more frequent interactions with you all on this new Journey


You Got That from Amazon……

“You Got That From Amazon?” a phrase that I’m  starting to hear a little more often with my recent online purchases from this site. Believe it or not, I’ve ordered some really trendy items from Amazon. I am continuously amazed with the quality  and price at which I purchase these items.

I’ll admit, I’ve  created a system when ordering items from Amazon, because there are multiple sellers with the same products, so filters are my best friend. Since I’m registered as an “Amazon Prime”member, any merchandise I purchase must be able to ship within 2 business days (items can sometimes take days or weeks to arrive). Next, I only select products that have 3 or more stars (the stars indicate the satisfaction of past buyers) and lastly, I read the reviews (and view pictures if applicable) before making a finial decision. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not. My system has yet to let me down. But enough chit chat, lets take a look at some of the items I’ve purchased so far:


Womens Sexy V Neck Zip Up Casual Harem Jumpsuit Romper Pants $23.80

Blog 1

Sannysis Women Printed Chiffon Shawl Kimono Cardigan Tops Cover up Blouse (S) $6.31

Blog 2


Cfanny Women’s Knotted Front Slit Cocktail Dress,Blue,Small  $18.99


Closet Creations

It’s amazing what outfits you can create in your closet. I was with a client on last Friday evening and we journeyed through her clothes. To her she had clothes with tags on them, to me she had various outfits for any Occassion. Check out one of the outfits I created for her. She couldn’t see it at first, but once she put it on, SHE LOVED IT:




There’s nothing  like a good ol fashion show to keep you abreast on trends. What’s even better, is a fashion show at Saks 5th Avenue showcasing their Elie Tahari 2016 spring clothing collection.

On last Saturday, I was front  row and center in awe of the wonderful pieces Elie Tahari had to offer. This season’s collection included lots of lace,tassels and print. The collection was very conservative sexy, but you don’t have to show a lot of skin to look good. The pieces were very detailed with each embellishment in it’s proper place.

The next time you’re in Saks 5th Avenue make sure you make your way to the Elie Tahari section and see the lovely pieces they’ve created this season.  Checkout some of the outfits below 🙂 As always, thanks for subscribing 🙂

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All that glitters 

Happy New Years to my fellow bloggers. I’m about 19 days late but hey, better late than never right? Hooefully you all had a New Year to remember and your outfits reflected your fun!!! 

Speaking of outfits I wanted to share a page from my New Years Evening. I had the worst time finding an outfit for my festivities. With numerous stipulations on the look I was going for… I was limited i my selection.. After hours of searching and many dresses later. I found the one. Well, I didn’t know it was the one until then 4 th time I tried it I and danced around lol…. 

The first dresses I tried on we’re ok but not really my style as much as I would have liked to to royal blue or red.. I didn’t want to settle on an outfit I really didn’t want to wear. Black was an option but I always wear black.. I need something that sparkled, was sexy but conservative.. Then I found this  

Excited as I was I had to make sure this was    what I wanted. The length was great, it had sparkles and i had shoes to match. After getting my hair and makeup done my sparkle dressed transformed me into this…..






Ok so here’s the secret……

So in about 4 weeks I’ll be joking a few friends in good old Miami for the big 3-0. We all know you can’t talk about Miami without. Speaking of their beautiful beaches. So what does the beach translate?? “BATHING SUITS”….Duhhh
This weekend I was on a mission to land a bathing suit without hurting my wallet. My favorite store “Dillard’s” had an amazing 65% off sale with an extra 40% so you know what I did …….BROUGT A BATHINF SUIT.

So how much did I spend? What was suppose robe $104.00 costed me $24.00

It’s always best to buy bathing suits around the end of September/beginning of October. You are sure to get more for less 


I got a chance to sit down with Frugal Beauty  blogger Kelsey, who is the author of  “Frugal Beauty“. Not only is her blog amazing but how she came to be. If you are into beauty and all things makeup, I highly recommend you check out her interview and afterwards be sure to follow her on WordPress.


  1. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your blog?

My name is Kelsey, and although I am only a sophomore in a small Community College, my dream is to become a journalist and/or writer and share my gift of words with the world. Frugal Beauty is a sensible beauty blog with a twist – for those of you who don’t enjoy all things beauty, or for my guy followers out there, I’ve included book, movie, and technology reviews just for you! My goal is to relate to each and every one of my followers, even the ones who don’t know the difference between blush and bronzer.

2. How long have you been blogging

I have been blogging for 8 months now, however Frugal Beauty is quite new to WordPress. My blog launched officially in early June of this year.

3. What inspired you to start blogging/Describe how you first got into blogging?

I have my Internship Coordinator at my local college to thank for getting me into blogging. At one of our meetings, she suggested that I start a blog – just to get my name out there and get some material written. My first blog, BoldnBlonde, was great, but after a few months, I just wasn’t passionate about what I was writing. I felt like my topics were far too broad and didn’t fit a specific theme. Thus, Frugal Beauty was born!

4. What do you like most about blogging?

I love interacting with my followers and other bloggers in the blogosphere. It gives me so much joy to see you guys comment on my posts – you have no idea! I’ve developed a lot of great relationships through Frugal Beauty, of which I’m very thankful for!


5. What would you say is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to blogging?

The biggest problem I’ve faced with blogging is consistency. I’m one of those people that get bored with things (styles, themes, colors, etc.) very quickly, and I don’t want to lose interest in what I’m trying to achieve through my blog. That’s one of the reasons why BoldnBlonde failed miserably; I simply got bored and gave up.


6. How do you come up with post for your blog?

I purchased a travel sized notebook from my local Target and created sections for each category (hauls, Thoughtful Thursdays, Book/Movie Reviews, etc.) of posts I plan to include on Frugal Beauty. Whenever I come up with an idea, I jot it down in the corresponding section and go from there. I use this along with my calendar to schedule posts – usually, I’ll just pick a topic that I think is interesting for the week, write it, and then schedule it to post on the corresponding date! Hint: Sometimes, if I’m feeling really uninspired, I’ll check the internet for ideas of posts. I also find it helpful to read other blogs and see which of their posts are the most popular, and write something similar to that nature. 

7.  How do you keep your readers engaged?

When Frugal Beauty was still new, I decided to throw a giveaway to get people to visit the site. After all, who doesn’t love free?! Also, I always respond to comments, even if it’s just a simple emoticon or a brief reply – I ALWAYS REPLY. I also find that a nice layout is helpful; if it’s pretty, they’ll come back for more!

8.  Outside of blogging what other hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

I am a full time college student, so when I’m not writing posts for Frugal Beauty, I’m almost always doing some form of homework for class. But in my spare time, I love to read and cook!

9.  Please share a link to one of your favorite post from your blog (why is this your favorite?

A Teenager’s Bucket List’ is one my favorite posts I’ve ever written for a few reasons. Firstly, I thought it would be interesting to share some of my life goals and aspirations with my followers, and by doing so, I hoped to encourage others to reveal some of theirs to me! Secondly, this post encouraged me to actually sit down and make a list. I’ve always dreamed of having one, and although I’ve always had these thoughts jumbled up in my head, it’s nice to finally see them written out on paper. I believe that dreams are much easier to obtain and/or complete when they’re visible to the human eye. Finally, this post gives me something to look forward to – the future!

Link to Post:

10. What advice would you give to those who are interested in starting a blog?

My advice to those who are interested in starting a blog is to be passionate about what you’re writing and take in as much knowledge as possible. It doesn’t matter if you write as well as Shakespeare (although, that would be a plus!) as long as you are behind what you’re posting. Also, make sure you interact with others. It’s important to be active in the blogosphere, otherwise, your blog may go unnoticed! Plus, it makes people feel better when they receive attention for a new post – trust me, I’d know!

11.  How can others find you on WordPress (please provide link to your blog)

You can find Frugal Beauty here: